Color Songs Collection Vol. 1" - Learn Colors, Teach Colours, Baby Toddler Preschool Nursery Rhymes

This Long-Play 33 Minute Video Teaches Children the Color Names with Catchy Song Melodies, Chants and Lessons starring our Famous Cute Characters and Colorful Animation.

These Simple, Repetitive tracks teach the colours - Red, Green, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Black, White, Brown, Pink, Purple to Babies, Toddlers, Kindergarten & Daycare Children and ESL Students Learning English as a Foreign Language.
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How can 200 Million People be wrong? haha Try Out this Collection of Entertaining, Educational Videos with your Students 
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Below is a list of the 11 Tracks in this 30 Minute Collection.
Click on the Time to Go Directly to Your Favorite.

1. "The Apple is Red" 0:05

2. "Red Car Song" 2:11

3. "Learn the Colors Chant" 4:47

4. "The Color Song" 7:31

5. "Grandma's Got a Little Yellow Car" 11:00

6. "Colors Lesson" 13:38

7. "Electric Colors (Song)" 17:43

8. "The Paint is Pink" 19:41

9. "Red Circle, Blue Circle (Song)" 22:16

10. "The Color Game" 24:28

11. "Grandma's Got a Little Purple Car"


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